Simon Bolz


Simon Bolz
Publisher Self-published 2018
Edition Hardcover , 208 pages
Tags Desire, Erotic, Female beauty, Frisky, Intimate, Nude, Women
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Publisher's description

Actually, Bolz is not a photographer. He is a pictorial story teller. And in his images, it’s not about light, but about desire, freedom and a rush of emotions. In fact, it’s all about wonderful women.

In Sublime, Bolz takes you on a visual journey from Riga to Chuchurumbache and will show you the irresistible charm of female beauty and light-hearted being under the southern sun. Enjoy intimate insights and private moments that captured by Bolz.

30 pictorials, 23 beauties, 208 pages. Up close and breathtaking — that is »Sublime«.


Book title Sublime
Photographer Simon Bolz
ISBN 13 9783000592584 /
Publisher Self-published
Publish year 2018
Book format Hardcover
Number of copies 1200 copies
Pages 208 pages
Dimensions 24,5 x 33,5 cm

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