The Untangled Tales

Michelle Piergoelam
The Untangled Tales

The Untangled Tales

Michelle Piergoelam
Publisher Self-published 2020
Edition Loose Leafs
Genres Documentary photography
Tags Africa, Mythology, Myths, Slavery, Stories, Stoytelling, Surinam, Traditions
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Publisher's description

Er tin tin, sigri tin tin…

Once upon a time, long ago… Tales were told that everyone could hear, but not everyone could understand. Numerous stories tell about the mythical spider Anansi who had to deal with a tiger who tried to make his life miserable. Although the spider was physically weaker, it was often able to defeat the tiger with its cleverness and cunning. Is it really just a myth? These stories, passed down from Africa to Suriname, and from generation to generation, enabled the enslaved to share their thoughts without the plantation owner knowing what was actually meant.

In a similar way, the Angisa’s worn by women were not only beautiful headkerchiefs: their intricate folds contained hidden stories and wisdoms that could only be read by those who had learned to.

Through memories and imagination, ‘The untangled tales’ visualizes the stories of the Anansi storytellers and the Angisa-folders, and the ways in which these traditions allow us to glimpse at the years of slavery.


Book title The Untangled Tales
Photographer Michelle Piergoelam
Publisher Self-published
Publish year 2020
Genre Documentary photography
Book format Loose Leafs
Book format details Folded sheets in map
Number of copies 100 copies
Language English
Color or b/w photographs colbw
Dimensions 30,5 x 22,5 cm
Book designer -SYB- Sybren Kuiper

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