Mirsad, Ismet, Izet

Ton Groot Haar
9789083069302 / 9083069303
Mirsad, Ismet, Izet

Mirsad, Ismet, Izet

Ton Groot Haar
9789083069302 / 9083069303
Publisher Self-published 2020
Edition Special format , 122 pages
Genres Documentary photography
Tags Bosnia, Bosnian Civil War, Brothers, Family, Netherlands, Trauma, War
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Publisher's description

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the end of the Bosnian civil war. A war that not only tore the country apart but also many families. The photo book “Mirsad Ismet Izet” is about three brothers. Ismet was killed in the war in 1992. Mirsad lives in the Netherlands and Izet in Bosnia. In their own way and in their own world the brothers Mirsad and Izet deal with the traumas of the war, the murder of their eldest brother Ismet and the sudden death of Mirsad’s son.


Book title Mirsad, Ismet, Izet
Photographer Ton Groot Haar
ISBN 10 9083069303 / 90-830693-0-3
ISBN 13 9789083069302 / 978-90-830-6930-2
Publisher Self-published
Publish year 2020
Genre Documentary photography
Book format Special format
Book format details Four quires in a thick sleeve
Number of copies 150 copies
Language English
Pages 122 pages
Number of photographs 67 photographs (of which 10 archive photographs)
Color or b/w photographs col
Dimensions 27,0 x 24,0 cm
Book designer -SYB-

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