Henrik Purienne
9783791382715 / 3791382713


Henrik Purienne
9783791382715 / 3791382713
Publisher Prestel Publishing 2016
Edition Hardcover
Genres Erotic & Nude photography , Fashion photography
Tags Exotic, Vintage style, Voyeur
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Publisher's description

Henrik Purienne’s photography has the unmistakable mixture of ethereal natural and physical beauty, with a warm and often exotic ambience. All of this is interwoven with domestic and voyeuristic sexual imagery, which converge at a point between provocation and profundity. Most often the backdrop is a sunny domestic situation, engendering tender and nostalgic connotations; we can see and feel the heat through his images. Purienne’s portraits, both personal and commercial, show the features and gaze of his subjects in a light that reveals flaws and blemishes. It shows the natural untouched beauty of the people he portrays. With Holiday, his second volume of photography, Purienne presents a series of holiday outings with friends and girlfriends captured between his native South Africa, the Mediterranean, and his new home, Los Angeles. Shot exclusively in his trademark 35 mm format, Purienne’s images often include imperfections that belie the sophistication of his technique, resulting in images at once reminiscent of the past and the future.


Book title Holiday
Alternative title Birds of a feather flock together.
Photographer Henrik Purienne
ISBN 10 3791382713 /
ISBN 13 9783791382715 /
Publisher Prestel Publishing
Publish date Jan 2016
Publish year 2016
Genre Erotic & Nude photography Fashion photography
Book format Hardcover

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