La Isla / Mirage edition No.1

Kate Bellm
La Isla / Mirage edition No.1

La Isla / Mirage edition No.1

Kate Bellm
Publisher Mirage 2022
Edition Hardcover , Limited edition , 200 pages
Genres Erotic & Nude photography , Cult photography
Tags adventure, Attitude, Beach, Desire, Diving, Exploration, Freedom, Friends, Island, Joy, Mallorca, Nude, Playful, Sea, Sun, Underwater, Youth
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Publisher's description

La Isla may evoke a feeling of nostalgia for somewhere you have never been. Life on the rock seems different than life on the mainland. Here, in the middle of the Big Blue, an alternative world is possible.

Born out of a desire to depict the joy of exploring new places, Kate Bellm found herself at home instantaneously in Mallorca. She’s been exploring each corner of the island’s Balearic cliffs, surrounded by a group of friends that seem to have become a chosen family. Driven by her love for adventure, community and easy attitude, she has been capturing a sun-drenched journey all around the reef.
Kate’s work is an extension of her way of living. She is not an observer, she is fully part of the free-spirited scene that she photographs, taking part in every bit of the adventures she depicts. Free-diving with her girls in search of that underwater magic, climbing up the rocks to reach that impressive cave a few hundred meters above ground, building up floating fires on starry nights…

La Isla is a book about listening to the call within to be free, more playful, more spontaneous, transcendental and raw. Take a deep breath and jump into “La Isla”, a remote world made of psychedelic skies, otherworldly desert plants, trippy escapes and intimate encounters under the sea.


Book title La Isla / Mirage edition No.1
Alternative title Mirage edition No. 01: La Isla
Photographer Kate Bellm
Publisher Mirage
Publish year 2022
Genre Erotic & Nude photography Cult photography
Book format Hardcover
Edition Limited edition
Number of copies 2000 copies
Language English
Pages 200 pages
Color or b/w photographs colbw
Dimensions 22,5 x 30,5 x 2,5 cm
Weight 1400 g

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