Way Far

Ryan McGinley
Way Far

Way Far

Ryan McGinley
Publisher Rizzoli 2015
Edition Hardcover , 240 pages
Genres Cult photography , Erotic & Nude photography , Portrait photography , Street photography
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Publisher's description

Since first coming to prominence 10 years ago, Ryan McGinley has ushered in a wholly new language of photography: images that are uniquely grounded in our contemporary moment while simultaneously evoking an idyllic timelessness. In this new volume, Ryan McGinley: Way Far, the artist presents a collection of his most recent work.

McGinley was the first of his generation of artists to explore the nude figure within the American landscape. With a fresh set of eyes, he embarked on an on-going series of images that were shot during months-long summer road trips cross-country. Transfixed by the open vistas and the picturesque wilderness he found along the way, McGinley and his models—not unlike explorers from another century—set out to rediscover these unpopulated spaces. Whether hiking on peat covered mountains, swimming in crystalline lakes, or rolling around in vast fields of tall grass, the artist’s images of bodies in pastoral scenes have been his signature, and his triumph has been his ability to evoke the almost dream-like state that comes with that kind of freedom.

As one of the most critically acclaimed photographers working today and rightfully considered the voice of a generation, no other contemporary artist’s work has permeated pop culture this indelibly.


Book title Way Far
Photographer Ryan McGinley
ISBN 13 9780847846917 / 978-0-8478-4691-7
Publisher Rizzoli
Publish year 2015
Genre Cult photography Erotic & Nude photography Portrait photography Street photography
Book format Hardcover
Language English
Pages 240 pages

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