Mark Power
9780002202053 / 0002202050


Mark Power
9780002202053 / 0002202050
Publisher Harper Collins 2000
Edition Hardcover , 208 pages
Genres Documentary photography , Landscape photography
Tags Architecture, Greenwich, Millenium Dome
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Publisher's description

Mark Power is a photographer who has had exclusive, unfettered access to all areas of the Greenwich millennium site since 1997 when it was merely a derelict, polluted building site. Since then, virtually day by day, he has captured the creation of the Dome and its contents on film. His pictures are astonishingly powerful; they are certainly the most coherent, complete vision of the Dome by an individual photographer. Having visited the much-maligned Millennium Dome well over a hundred times to document the transformation from toxic wasteland to architectural icon, Mark Power has truly managed to convey the spirit of the place.


Book title Superstructure
Photographer Mark Power
ISBN 10 0002202050 / 0-00-220205-0
ISBN 13 9780002202053 / 978-0-00-220205-3
Publisher Harper Collins
Publish year 2000
Genre Documentary photography Landscape photography
Book format Hardcover
Language English
Pages 208 pages
Dimensions 28,2 x 31,0 cm
Book designer Stuart Smith

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