Wildlife Photographer of the Year: 50 Years

Various photographers
Wildlife Photographer of the Year: 50 Years

Wildlife Photographer of the Year: 50 Years

Various photographers
Publisher Firefly Books 2014
Edition Hardcover , 256 pages
Genres Wildlife photography
Tags Mother Earth, Nature, Wildlife, Wildlife Photographer of the Year
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Publisher's description

How wildlife photography became art.

The ultimate book of wildlife photography, with 200 award-winning images from the BBC competition.

Fifty years ago, the BBC originated a now-famous competition open to professional and amateur photographers. It was a pioneering display of “photographic hunting” and shaped how we now see the natural world.

With time, better access to wildlife, and improved equipment (especially underwater), the world’s best photographers continued to make astounding pictures. They captured moments of speed, flight, aggression and repose in ways that brought the deserts, African plains, and tropical and polar regions into our homes.

This book showcases the work of 50 years and hundreds of award winners. The exhibition, based at London’s Natural History Museum, travels the world and features the work of:

• Frans Lanting
• Jim Brandenburg
• David Doubilet
• Art Wolfe
• Tom Mangelson
• Brian Skerry
• Paul Nicklen
• Anup Shah
• …and many others.

The 200 photos, in brilliant color, are grouped around subjects related to the competition, from aerial shots to close-ups, underwater masterpieces, nocturnal shots, panoramas and many more wildlife stories. All are thrilling.

The photographic competition is owned by the BBC — famous for popular TV shows about the Earth’s wildlife and wild places — and the Natural History Museum of London.


Book title Wildlife Photographer of the Year: 50 Years
Photographer Various photographers
ISBN 13 9781770854628 /
Publisher Firefly Books
Publish year 2014
Genre Wildlife photography
Book format Hardcover
Pages 256 pages

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