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Get away from it all and reignite your wanderlust with this unique collection of epic landscape photography from some of the remotest and most spectacular locations around the globe.

Curated by award-winning travel and lifestyle photographer Finn Beales, Let’s Get Lost offers pure visual escapism with over 200 spectacular shots of remote and beautiful places which will inspire you to get back out into the world after months and years of lockdowns and travel restrictions.

For the adventurous amongst us, this book dares you to get off the beaten track andgo in search of the most remarkable natural environments on the planet. Chapters capturing off-grid coastal views, rugged mountain landscapes, majestic forests and expansive wildernesses are all featured, stirring within you a sense of adventure. From the Pacific Northwest to Southeast Asia, New Zealand to Scandinavia, these are the places where amazing photos are taken, now you need to experience them.

For the armchair traveller, this book represents a breathtaking visual compendium of how beautiful the world can be, with truly awe-inspiring full page reproductions of some of instagram’s most talented landscape photographers.

Each of the photographers profiled reveal their unique stories and the little-known locations they have discovered that allow them to capture such breathtaking images, from Chris Burkard’s perilous tour of Russia’s extremities, and Emilie Ristevski’s wanderlust-filled journey through Namibia’s wild heart, to Timothy Allen’s airborne search for a long-lost Bulgarian monument.

Photographers featured:
Finn Beales
Alex Strohl
Jonathan Gregson
Richard Gaston
Cath Simard
Emilie Ristevski
Reuben Wu
Laura Pritchett
Lucy Laucht
Chris Burkard
Molly Steele
Benjamin Hardman
Greg Lecoeur
Charly Savely
Timothy Allen
Hannes Becker
Tobias Hagg
Callum Snape
Nicolee Drake
Holly-Marie Cato
Mads Peter Iversen


Book title Let’s Get Lost
Subtitle The World's Most Stunning Remote Locations
Photographer Various photographers
ISBN 13 9780711256101 /
Publisher White Lion Publishing
Publish year 2021
Genre Landscape photography Wildlife photography
Book format Hardcover
Pages 240 pages
Dimensions 26,7 x 21,8 x 2,4 cm

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