Shaven Angels 4

Peter Lorenz
Shaven Angels 4

Shaven Angels 4

Peter Lorenz
Publisher Edition Reuss 2004
Edition Hardcover , 160 pages
Genres Erotic & Nude photography
Tags Erotic, Girls, Nude, Shaven angels
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Publisher's description

In this fourth installment of the wildly popular Shaven Angels series, the models are not tender little dolls, but self-confident and saucy women. They voluntarily and openly put themselves into the limelight, candidly presenting their shaved genitals like smooth, gaping, ripe fruits. In the past, when shaven pubes openly revealed a woman’s labia, people were shocked by what they assumed was a shameless display of female lust. Nowadays, young women and men alike scorn pubic hair, and the feeling of a hairless body is “in.” Once a trendsetter, Peter Lorenz and his Shaven Angels books have become classics. Oversized, hardbound, color. Text in English, German & French.


Book title Shaven Angels 4
Photographer Peter Lorenz
ISBN 13 9783934020283 /
Publisher Edition Reuss
Publish year 2004
Genre Erotic & Nude photography
Book format Hardcover
Pages 160 pages

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