Public Nudists

Dieter Nagel
Public Nudists

Public Nudists

Dieter Nagel
Publisher Edition Reuss 2001
Edition Hardcover , 160 pages
Genres Erotic & Nude photography
Tags Erotic, Girls, Naturism, Nude, Nudism, Public nudity, Sexy
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Publisher's description

“The only real human is the nude human.” (Goethe). This is a photographic portrait of nudists, a lively documentary of natural, naked life on the beach or in athletic activities. Dieter Nagel and his nudist photos transport us back to Paradise. It’s a very special blend of harmonious colours and moods: the blue of the ocean and the sky, the warm colours of skin and sand. The protagonists in this book are natural. They move naturally, nakedly, in the great outdoors. And we would gladly be there with them.


Book title Public Nudists
Photographer Dieter Nagel
ISBN 13 9783934020115 /
Publisher Edition Reuss
Publish year 2001
Genre Erotic & Nude photography
Book format Hardcover
Pages 160 pages

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