Inside Out

Ron Oliver
Inside Out

Inside Out

Ron Oliver
Publisher Luster 2015
Edition Hardcover , 120 pages
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Publisher's description

For over thirty years, Ron Oliver has offered a unique service to parents around the world who prefer a more artistic, less sentimental approach to portraits of their children. His images can be strong, emotional, mysterious, thought-provoking and sometimes controversial. Inside Out presents a new complexity in Oliver’s imagery that reflects an evolution in his approach. A Ron Oliver portrait session is more than just a photo shoot. It is an intriguing journey of co-creation, on which the model and the photographer embark together. Oliver’s mission is to capture the essence of a person and translate it into a strikingly pure and powerful portrait, which originates from the ideas and thoughts the models have expressed about themselves. The children set the narrative; this is their unique journey, their identity defined in a single snapshot.


Book title Inside Out
Photographer Ron Oliver
ISBN 13 9789460581021 /
Publisher Luster
Publish year 2015
Book format Hardcover
Pages 120 pages
Dimensions 31,5 x 29 x 1,6 cm

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