Between Memories and Dreams

Ron Oliver
Between Memories and Dreams

Between Memories and Dreams

Ron Oliver
Publisher Monograph & The Platinum Image 1998
Edition Hardcover , 208 pages
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Publisher's description

Since his first exposure in the early 1980s, Ron Oliver has received much acclaim as a portraitist of children. This twenty year retrospective reveals a highly developed attention to the child subject, achieved through patience and skillfulness alike.

For over twenty years, Ron Oliver has been delighting his parent-customers around the world with family portraits in his distinctive style. His images, powerful and intense, yet also beautiful and sensitive, combined with the complex techniques he uses to print them, have led to his extraordinary success. In Between Memories and Dreams, Oliver confirms his position as one of the leading photo-portraitists of the twentieth century.


Book title Between Memories and Dreams
Photographer Ron Oliver
ISBN 13 9782951266308 /
Publisher Monograph & The Platinum Image
Publish year 1998
Book format Hardcover
Pages 208 pages

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