The World’s First Photobook Was Blue

Albarrán Cabrera
The World’s First Photobook Was Blue

The World’s First Photobook Was Blue

Albarrán Cabrera
Publisher The (M) Éditions IBASHO, Ira Stehmann, 2021
Edition Spiral Bound , 82 pages
Genres Landscape photography
Tags Angel Albarrán, Anna Cabrera
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Publisher's description

This book by Albarrán Cabrera The World’s First Photobook Was Blue is not only a book intended to show the work of the artists, but also a book intended to explain their artistic process. A book with no real beginning or end…without a specific cover (that is why this book has three), and where the text talks about why they photograph and not the images per se.

The title is a nod to Anna Atkins, the spiral binding a nod to Brassaï and the book itself a tribute to the deceptively simple but truly complex medium of photography.

“Photography is not the thing. It is the thing that brings us to the thing. Atkins used photography to illustrate nature and its structure. In the same way, we use photography to illustrate reality and its structure. The possibility of having a tool to study reality is what first attracted us to photography. We discovered that by using this medium we could feed our interest and better understand not only the perceived reality, but also the “structure of reality”, the “why of things”. Photography is, for us, the perfect philosophical tool to learn more about the universe as a logical and architectural design: the recognition of an order between individual pieces in which each piece is equally informed by the arrangement of the whole.”
– Albarrán Cabrera


Book title The World’s First Photobook Was Blue
Photographer Albarrán Cabrera
ISBN 13 9791095424260 /
Publisher The (M) Éditions IBASHO Ira Stehmann
Publish year 2021
Genre Landscape photography
Book format Spiral Bound
Book format details Three hard covers
Number of copies 1000 numbered copies
Pages 82 pages
Dimensions 21 x 32cm
Book designer Studio Des Signes

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