Louis Bou


Louis Bou
Publisher Monsa De Ediciones 2005
Edition Hardcover , 80 pages
Genres Erotic & Nude photography
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Publisher's description

Captivating, seductive, and playful at once, the woman in “Ooops!” performs a series of fantasies that take the viewer on a highly evocative journey.

In the buff, she is literally at her most natural while at the same time acting for the camera. Whether she’s frolicking in the kitchen wearing nothing but a fine layer of flour, promenading on the beach with a geisha-inspired look, or lounging on the couch in borderline fetishistic attire, each full-color photograph plays with dichotomies like fantasy and reality, seduction and innocence.

Above all, this book is a lighthearted and entertaining work capable of inspiring a thousand different interpretations.


Book title …Ooops!!!
Photographer Louis Bou
ISBN 13 9788495275974 /
Publisher Monsa De Ediciones
Publish year 2005
Genre Erotic & Nude photography
Book format Hardcover
Pages 80 pages
Dimensions 30 x 23 x 0,6 cm

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