Les Reflets du Désordre

Martial Lenoir
Les Reflets du Désordre

Les Reflets du Désordre

Martial Lenoir
Publisher La Musardine Editions Lenoir & Inthesky, 2015
Edition Hardcover , 120 pages
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Publisher's description

At first glance, it takes several tries… How to enter the disorder of Martial Lenoir, in the hubbub of his tableaux vivants, in the intimacy of his characters? We discover portraits of lustful women, with looks lost in a majestic spleen, surprised in an intimacy so familiar to the author. What is striking is the complex composition of the images revealing faces, bodies, reflections, floating in an atmosphere and a light so particular that immediately questions the eye on the aesthetics of a modern eroticism.

Everything comes from the work of composition of each image. The photographer reinvents in his own way a variable geometry, a sense of the frame. Thus, the senses of reading multiply as the eye becomes accustomed to the image: from the detail to the wide shot on the bodies and the scenery, from the visible parts to those hidden and which are revealed as if by magic in the reflections of a mirror. A reflection that could be that of our own desire. Everything here is large or small, lit or shaded, shown or suggested.

The result is that the beauty of women is infinite, the author seems to tell us. Because Martial Lenoir has an observant eye, never voyeuristic, caressing his models with his lens with modesty and intelligence. Each painting plunges us into a woman’s story, in an iconography sometimes reminiscent of autochromes from the beginning of the 20th century, with its past colors that give a soul and a depth so rich and strange to the image. The work on the blurs and lights is remarkable and completes, as the final touch of the painter, the composition of his paintings.

In the end, the disorder of Martial Lenoir is perfectly mastered. His “Reflections of Disorder” follow the paintings of his previous series, “ La Loge des Rats “; a first successful attempt on the aesthetics and the meaning of the erotic image. The author continues to successfully question femininity and eroticism in a personal research that, without a doubt, will become a remarkable and noticed work.


Book title Les Reflets du Désordre
Photographer Martial Lenoir
ISBN 13 9782842717582 /
Publisher La Musardine Editions Lenoir & Inthesky
Publish year 2015
Book format Hardcover
Number of copies 1000 copies
Pages 120 pages
Dimensions 31 x 31 x 2 cm

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