Cub Libre: Emmanuelle Béart

Sylvie Lancrenon
Cub Libre: Emmanuelle Béart

Cub Libre: Emmanuelle Béart

Sylvie Lancrenon
Publisher Schirmer/Mosel 2013
Edition Hardcover , 88 pages
Tags Celebrity, Cuba, Emmanuelle Béart, Female nudity, Havana, Nude, Sexy
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Publisher's description

A hotel room in Havana. The midday heat. A famous female movie star. A French star photographer. and a red bed. These are the ingredients for Cuba Libre, the erotic women’s book of the season. Breathtakingly beauitful Emmanuelle Beart, who came to fame as the “Belle Noiseuse” in Jacques Rivette’s multi-award-winning film of the same name, offers us an unparalleled series of highly erotic and intoxicatingly feminine nudes. Sylvie Lancrenon, photographer for Elle magazine in France, staged this daring performance adn captured it in compelling color photographs: Cuba Libre is in the most lascivious of terms sweet, sexy and stunning.


Book title Cub Libre: Emmanuelle Béart
Photographer Sylvie Lancrenon
ISBN 13 9783829603751 /
Publisher Schirmer/Mosel
Publish year 2013
Book format Hardcover
Pages 88 pages
Dimensions 34,0 x 23,5 x 1,3 cm

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