Allah O Akbar: A Journey Through Militant Islam

9780714831626 / 071483162X
Allah O Akbar

Allah O Akbar: A Journey Through Militant Islam

9780714831626 / 071483162X
Publisher Phaidon Press 1994
Edition Hardcover , 320 pages
Genres Documentary photography
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Publisher's description

Allah O Akbar begins the call to prayer that resonates around minarets in towns and villages from Sinkiang to Morocco, from Paris to Timbuktu. Wherever in the world you are, the message is the same: ‘God is Great’. It is also, however, the cry of fundamentalists throughout the lands of the faithful. Abbas, a member of the prestigious photo agency Magnum, has spent seven years travelling through the Islamic world to capture the diverse and striking images that make up this extraordinary personal diary.

As a photojournalist Abbas has covered major political events in the developing world including wars and revolutions, driven by a desire to understand and expose the intricacy of the internal strains pulling within Muslim societies. Abbas is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading makers of the ‘telling’ picture, and the combined immediacy and subtlety of the photographic images create a constant visual stimulus.


Book title Allah O Akbar
Subtitle A Journey Through Militant Islam
Alternative title Allah O Akbar: A Journey Through Militant Islam
Photographer Abbas
ISBN 10 071483162X / 0-7148-3162-X
ISBN 13 9780714831626 / 978-0-7148-3162-6
Publisher Phaidon Press
Publish date Oct 1994
Publish year 1994
Genre Documentary photography
Book format Hardcover
Book format details in dustjacket
Language English
Pages 320 pages
Number of photographs 369 b&w photos
Dimensions 29 x 25 x 4,6 / 11.8 x 10.2 x 1.5
Weight 2,27 / 5

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